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Welcome to Edge Benefits, where we redefine the landscape of employee well-being.

At Edge, we aren't just experts in benefits—we're masters of onboarding, architects of employee handbooks, and innovators in people operations. Our dedicated team possesses the knowledge and experience to seamlessly integrate with your business, crafting creative solutions tailored to your unique needs.



A Holland & Zeeland native, Rachel has been a registered insurance agent since 2004. She's been helping businesses both small and mid-size find benefits solutions that serve clients across West Michigan. Her creativity and experience help her build solutions that increase employee retention, and talent attraction. 

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Tyler has a passion for small business and helping them gain a competitive advantage in the local market. A West Michigan native, he's been an agent for several years using his background & education in Business Administration to budget, design, and specify solutions that help companies thrive.



The people and businesses we support make up our community, and why we continue to support local organizations that support one another.

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